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Shovel Knight Game FAQ

Here are some common questions that we might already have answers for!

toggleI updated my Mac to the latest software version, macOSBigSur (11.0.0 +), and my Shovel Knight games are not working! What do I do?

We just released an update on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and all the stand-alone versions of the game! Install the update to be able to play your game!

toggleHow do I update Shovel Knight to the latest Campaign? Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment, etc

Try following our Update Guide for information on updating for your specific version of the game.

toggle3DS: Downloaded the latest patch but Shovel Knight is not at the latest version / cannot access Specter of Torment

There are two methods available on the eShop for updating Shovel Knight. You most likely downloaded the patch is for the cartridge version of the game. Try following these steps for digital:

Updating Digital 3DS:

1) Find the “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” game by searching for it by name.

2) On the bottom screen it will show “Update available”

3) Select that button to begin updating the digital version.

For more, check out our Update Guide.

Updating Cartridge/Physical 3DS:

1) Search for Shovel Knight by name

2) Select the icon for the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove patch

3) Download this patch

toggle3DS/Wii U: Issues when using Custom Knight ( version 3.0A)

We have discovered an issue related to Custom Knight in 3DS and Wii U versions of the game.

  • On 3DS, if a Custom Knight is enabled and an alternate costume is set, the game will crash when returning to the Level Map.
  • On Wii U and 3DS, if a Custom Knight has the Bomb Burst Charge ability enabled, then the game will crash when activating it. This includes the Bomb Burst specific Custom Knight Challenge.

We apologize for this error, and hope to have it addressed soon in an Update.

toggleI can't get Specter of Torment!

The Specter of Torment update is rolling out to all systems and so might not yet be available on your platform of choice. For more info, check out our Specter of Torment Release Info post

toggleDoes Shovel Knight support my controller on PC?

We hope so! It should be easy to plug in your controller, remap your buttons, and do whatever you want! We’re so into controllers that we wrote up this entire article!

toggleHow about Xbox 360, iOS, and Tiger handhelds!?

A lot of people are learning about Shovel Knight for the first time and there is a vast sea of awesome gaming platforms out there. It is a goal of ours to see Shovel Knight arrive on all sorts of platforms — from consoles to handhelds and maybe even a few things in between? However, we have our hands full with our initial plans. Once we have some surefire details we’ll be sure to tell you all about it!

toggleWill the 3DS and Vita versions have Battle Mode or coop?

Unfortunately, no.  Maybe one day…but we don’t have the resources to make that happen.  We’re doing our best to make these versions special in other ways.  No worries!

toggleAre there any gameplay differences between the physical and digital versions of Shovel Knight?

The physical version includes a free download code for the soundtrack, an instruction manual, and disc (or cartridge). However, the gameplay content is exactly the same, no matter if you’re playing from a disc or from downloading it. As we release new updates, we’ll be keeping both versions identical too.

togglePlague of Shadows and Specter of Torment were cool! Have you considered doing more Boss Knight Campaigns?

We have one final Boss Knight campaign to go! It’s starring King Knight!

toggleWhat is Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove?

We break it all down here. Or if you have questions, check out this FAQ.

Retail FAQ

For any technical problems, questions concerning warranty information, or otherwise regarding a retail product contact us at

[email protected]

Here are some common questions:

toggleHow do I update Shovel Knight on PC in Europe, or get it for Mac/Linux?

You may be wondering – how do I receive updates or what if I want the game through Steam or on Mac/Linux. Well, you hopefully received this when you bought the game – Humble Insert! You can use the code in the insert to get what you need. Humble should provide updates for you DRM free or you can download a Steam key to upgrade there.

toggleI received two game keys or Humble codes with my European PC box..what should I do?

We’ve heard from some customers that they received two Humble codes (the second printed in their soundtrack code sheet). We apologize for the mishap. If you could send us one code back, that’d be helpful. If you still need access to the soundtrack due to the missing code, be sure to visit here.

toggleThe soundtrack sticker is on the box! Not on the shrinkwrap! Help me?

We’re just as upset as you! The sticker was incorrectly placed on the box instead of the shrink wrap for some versions of the game. We’re really sorry for this!! We’d suggest you remove the sticker very carefully using sticker remover, or just keep it on there if you don’t know how to safely remove it without causing damage. The next round of boxes won’t make this printing error.

toggleMy soundtrack code couldn't be redeemed!

For questions about the soundtrack or any redemption issue with soundtrack keys, please visit here.

General Info

For more about the company, an FAQ, and how to contact us, please visit here.