Greetings traveler! I’ve recovered the last of the data log’s hidden files. Peruse this entry before you embark on your quest, it contains information on the rest of the mechanical monstrosities you’ll meet here. If you need a refresher, feel free to review data logs part 1 and part 2!




This foe is fond of guarding passage ways and hidden treasures. When approached, it will shoot two different spreads of projectiles! Keep an eye out for its pattern or you’ll get blasted.


Duos like to hover around in compact areas. They will follow and shoot at you! When both guns are destroyed, they will chase you until they self-destruct.


These ocular opponents will shoot energy beam at intervals at you! A couple of sword slashes or throwing a shuriken should do the trick!


When approached, they will drop grenades from alternating sides! Stay quick on your feet to avoid damage!

Floor Spinner

These foes activate when you are on the same platform! Luckily, they are programmed to move only horizontally! They’ll turn around when they hit the edge of the platform. Watch out, it hurts when they hit you!

Flying Flame Bug

Much like their Flame Bug relatives, they like the heat! They’ll shoot fire projectiles at you if spotted!


Gooskulls spawn from Skull Slime Balls! Once they are released from their gooey prison, they will chase you!


This airborne adversary shoots out bursts of 3 projectiles. Be wary! Those projectiles bounce off surfaces!


These enemies fly across your line of sight! Take them down with a few slashes or with a long-ranged special move! Beware of the larger versions, they will shoot large projectiles straight down at you!

Mackarel Poison

These enemies contain poisonous slime, yuck! They fire slime droplets at the ground while moving across the room! Take them down with a few slashes or with a long-ranged special move! The larger versions have double HP!


These meanies have sharp extremities! If they spot you, they’ll scurry over and attack! A couple slashes from your sword will easily take them down.


The Nucleus is kept stationary by a destructible stalk in the ground. Once destroyed, this enemy is free to fly around and chase you!

Nucleus Big

Nucleus Big shoots homing projectiles at your location when hit. Stay quick on your feet and slash him relentlessly!

Pit Buster

Pit Busters hang out in pits. If you approach them, they’ll fly out at you to defend their hideout!

Plasma Sucker

They are programmed to like plasma! When defeated it becomes plasma vent!


Rockethatches when uninterrupted are stationary. If you trigger their sensors by passing them, they will become airborne! Once destroyed, they create a destructive propeller that flies upward.


Roofblasters fancy high places, like roofs and ceilings! That’s probably where they picked up their name. Anyways, they shoot out a spread of 4 diagonal projectiles!


Rollbugs like to bounce along the ground. They turn around once they hit the wall! Watch out!

Rustfly Tiny

Like their Rustfly brethren, Rustfly Tinys are incredibly persistent. If you come across a Rust Hive, watch out for a swarm of them. Slashing them once will cause fatal damage.

Skull Slime Ball 

It’s a ball of slime with a Gooskull in it. We aren’t sure where these came from but they sure are creepy!

Spiderail Spider

Spiderail spawns these little guys for projectile ammo!  If you aren’t a fan of spiders, don’t fret! They are programmed to only walk in the direction so, they often fall off the edge of the platform.


In combat, Spikkys are straight to the point. They sharply shoot a fire burst of 3 projectiles upwards when you approach them!

Spread Turret

Their attack pattern runs true to their name! They shoot 7 projectiles! Luckily, they are evenly spaced so you should be able to dodge this bombastic attack!


These sly skyward adversaries shoot two bursts of 3 projectile groupings! A sword slash or two should do the trick!


This deterrent has 3 turrets you’ll need to defeat (bottom/middle/top)! Each part will fire projectiles in your direction!

Transmission Complete!

Good luck, Shadow. Your awakening has not gone unnoticed. Only you can uncover the secrets of Mekacity! Hurry before its too late! Transmission complete!