A Guide to Mekacity by L-Gion, your loyal robotic companion.

Welcome back traveler! I tinkered with the data log’s memory files and uncovered more information. Please peruse part 2 at your earliest convenience! It will surely help you take on the the mechanical monstrosities in Mekacity. If you need a refresher on part 1, you can review the data log here!




Watch out! These airborne foes fly horizontally! Their Y-axis movement follows yours! Take your time when taking them down to avoid unnecessary damage.

Bullet Bug

Bullet Bugs were initially tasked with collecting spirit cells salvaged in Mekacity’s disposal facility. If creepy-crawlies make you wince, a few slashes from your katana should eliminate your bug problem! If you encounter a Bullet Bug nest, they’ll spawn endlessly. So, make sure to take that out too!


Grenadiers get their name from their programmed love of all things grenade-related.  They fly on a fixed path and will fire grenades at you when nearby.

Hiding Turret

Hiding Turrets like to hang out with powerful enemies such as the Hunter Tank! They fire bursts of 2 projectiles. If they are hit, they’ll briefly be invulnerable.


This bouncy bot jumps at any adversary! They’ll also shoot projectiles at you if provoked!


When alarms are tripped, they will spawn! Once summoned, they will fly at you and explode on contact!

Hunter Bore

Keep an eye out for Hunter Bores! They drill out of ceilings above you! They also spawn 3 Teambots!


These goopy-looking foes like to casually float around! They are typically not combatant if you do not engage them.

Jelly Hatcher

These nests contain a multitude of Jellys. If you approach one, 6 Jellys will emerge from its jelly confines.

Loader Bot

These aggressive bots have a great throwing arm! They’ll pick up objects such as rocks and chests to chuck at you! If they run out of stuff to throw, they’ll perform a melee attack!


This projectile-style enemy splits into multiple smaller versions of itself after a collision. It has a variant that typically attaches itself to walls!

Spinal Tap

Spinal Taps are stationary fellows that are found throughout Mekacity. I’ve heard that they are sometimes able to spawn within purple monstrosities. Keep an eye out for these guys!


Raftcopters hover within small areas. They shoot projectiles at you if you are nearby. If you slash them when they are above water, they will be a convenient platform!


These defensive foes will reflect projectiles at you! Watch out as they will follow your movement!


This fast fellow will speed up while facing you on a platform. Try not to get hit!


Rustflies are incredibly persistent! If you happen to come across one, make sure to take it out or it’ll follow you. Make sure to take your time and let them come to you! Slashing them once will cause them to lose their wings. A second hit will defeat it!

Rust Hive

Rustfly Tinies live in it! Hitting it will cause them to spawn. If you take out enough Rustfly Tinies, their Rustfly Queen will spawn.

Rustfly Queen

Behold the mighty Rustfly Queen! Her loyal subjects will spawn from her every 2 seconds. It’s just as impressive as it is scary! Take your time when fighting her and her subjects! Let them come to you!

Rustfly Mega

Whoa, that Rustfly is HUGE! Watch out for their slime droplets as they follow you around. Let the Rustfly Mega come to you, dashing towards this enemy can easily cause collateral damage.


Oof, Spideys give me the creeps! They like to live in dark crevices in walls and attack when approached. Beware of their walking patterns, they turn around once they hit a wall! A simple slash attack should help you take care of your bug problem.


These guys are super versatile! They used to serve the public as Law Enforcement and provide manual labor.  Nowadays, you can find them causing trouble on foot, with charge shooters, flying in the sky (with and without lasers), and even on a bike! They all typically shoot bursts of 3 projectiles so, watch out!

Comeback for Part 3!

That’s all the data I have uncovered for now! I’d say “see you later”; but you’re on borrowed time. So, be careful Shadow. Transmission complete!