A Guide to Mekacity by L-Gion, your loyal robotic companion.

Greetings traveler, it’s great to see you within operational specification. My name’s L-Gion (pronounced ‘Legion’)! Welcome to Mekacity… or, what’s left of it. Before we get moving, please peruse this several part data log containing all the names of the mechanical monstrosities you’ll meet here. It’ll surely increase your chances of survival!




This vile villain is obsessed with evaluating the strength of others! If you run into him, he’ll surely pick a fight. Watch out for his larger-than-life shuriken and dash hits! If you find him troublesome to takedown, try slashing him from behind!


Pew pew! Each side of the Blasterhatch has a deadly blaster gun. They shoot in bursts of 3 projectiles!

Blue Challenge Ninja

If you like challenges, you are in for a treat! These ninjas are skilled in the way of the sword. They block attacks and will parry you!


This foe uses his terrifying Skybeam to reign over Mekacity! When in combat, Biohunter will switch between ground and flying attacks. Once he is at 20 HP, he’ll start using a telegraphed laser strike attack that progresses from one side of the platform to another.  Avoid his blaster bullets, telegraphed laser strikes, and multi-bomb platform attacks by being quick on your feet! At 10 HP he’ll detonate the floor using the Skybeam and you’ll have to fight him in close quarters range. Good luck!


This mechanical monstrosity uses its deadly combination hands to slam down on your location. They will also shoot large spreads of projectiles and Laser Orbs! Its hands have healing abilities, so take out them down early!

Corridor Crawler

This combatant uses proximity lasers to decimate its target. Some variants are so tall that they block all passage in tunnels!

Corrupt Crawler

Corrupt Crawlers are much more complicated than Crawler Drones counterparts. If they spot you, they’ll shoot bursts of three projectiles at you! If you run, they’ll chase you!

Corrupt Drone

Unlike their Drone counterparts, Corrupt Drones are very aggressive! If they spot you, they’ll chase and shoot projectiles at you!


These meanies will block an entire hallway! If you are in range, they’ll shoot wide projectiles at you from their eyes at random!

Crawler Drone

Crawler Drones have the simple task of pacing back and forth on platforms. You can easily hop over them or take them out with a quick slash!


Cyberviruses will chase you if they detect you! Take them down with a couple of slashes from your katana!


Drogons are stationary adversaries that attach themselves to platforms! They’ll fire projectiles at you if they see you! After slaying them, they drop a ton of money! I’m not sure why they carry so much cash…maybe they are saving up for something?


Drones are a minimal threat on their own. If they get charged up by a Drone Overseer, they’ll gain additional health and will fire at you! Swiftly slicing them will revert them back to their passive mode.

Drone Overseer

When approached, they will fire projectiles at you in bursts of 2! They also charge up Drones that are in close proximity! Take them out before they do that!


These mechanical meanies are invulnerable to regular attacks. Use a special attack on its weak point to take them down!

Flame Bug

These bugs can take the heat! They slowly walk pace back and forth on their platforms. They’ll shoot fire at you if you approach them!

Flame Spider

Flame Spiders conserve their energy by curling up on the ground. When disturbed, they’ll approach you and shoot fire! Their projectile rate is inconsistent, watch out!


Fleabots come in a variety of sizes: small, medium, and large. Despite their size differences, their movement pattern is the same! They jump 4 times, pause, then repeat!

Hunter Tank

Hunter Tanks were repurposed to aid Biohunter in his mission to capture more essence for Dr. Progen’s experiments! They contain 3 Hiding Turrets, so make sure to take them out. Attacking the Hunter Tank’s core will bring this baddie down!


It has destructible turrets on the top and bottom of its mechanical form. Aim for its eye!


Laserbrain was once a biomechanical AI that controlled the disposal facility! Now corrupted, it attacks everything in sight! So, try to be laser-focused when combating it! It is accompanied by two Laserbrain turrets on each side of the room. Each Laserbrain Turret fires lasers for 5 seconds each while rotating 180 degrees clockwise. Lasers can destroy metal blocks so watch out! Aim your attacks for the core while avoiding the environmental and enemy hazards!


Within the depths of Mekacity, dwells a mythical mechanical monster that resembles an Ikuchi. Defeating it will be no easy feat! It will submerge itself as it searches for the right opportunity to strike. Watch out for it’s energy blasts and electrical charges when it emerges from the watery depths! Stay quick on your feet and give yourself ample footing. 


Progenitor is by far one of the most difficult enemies you’ll face while in Mekacity. His first phase fires bursts of 3 homing projectiles. His second phase fires large round projectiles that become destructible spears that plant themselves in the ground. These spears will spawn temporary spikes around them and rain fireballs. When Progenitor’s orbs in his body are destroyed, he will spawn flying orbs that vary in color. These orbs will shoot projectiles with different behaviors. Keep your wits as sharp as your sword, good luck!


Try not to get flattened! Scrambler’s ground slams are ruthless. He also is fond of long-range attacks like dual lasers blasts and grenades that create a fire trail. Try to keep your health up when facing him! He has three phases with plenty of tricks up his robotic sleeve!


Smasher’s hobbies include smashing its enemies and firing projectiles. Take out its wall cannons and dodge the 4×2 ceiling projectiles! Once it loses 10 HP, it’ll add a floor fire cascade to its arsenal of attacks. Be mindful of its central pillar, getting hit by that is certain death!


Spiderail shoots fire, grenades, and homing projectiles out of its eyes! It also spawns Spiderail Spiders in sets of 4! After hitting him, he’ll be briefly invulnerable so make sure to take your time. Keep hitting his side-eyes and he’ll eventually be destroyed!

Subject Alpha V1

This monster feels strangely familiar but I can’t put my circuitry on it…. Anyway, this cybernetic creature will skillfully jump back and forth while firing projectiles at you. Watch out for it’s occasional slam move that creates fire waves. Beware of his finishing move when he’s about to reach 0 HP! Try to keep your health up during your fight with him! I hear he has friends!

Tunnel Cleaner

Tunnel Cleaner is a sizable foe! It spawns destructible blue orbs that create flame walls as tall as the room! It can shoot 3 rockets that spread vertically if you are at a distance. If you are in close range, it’ll shoot multiple projectiles at you. Its weak point briefly becomes invulnerable after being hit so be patient!

Come Back for Part 2!

That’s all I can share for now. Good luck, Shadow. I’ll see you in part 2 of this data log! This is L-Gion, signing off!