Greetings fellow boaters!

After years of development, construction, and planning, we are incredibly excited to finally pull back the curtain on one of our most anticipated projects …we are opening an independent Yacht Club!

You are officially invited to join in on our boating lifestyle and treasure trove of activities! Let’s make a splash!

Welcome Aboard!

Founded on April 1st, 2021, the Yacht Club Games Yacht Club is the newest and most respected yacht club in the yacht world! It is exclusively for adventurers of heart and luckily for you, we are opening memberships up to the public for ONE day only!

Yacht Club Games Yacht Club Membership Card

Here is our EXCLUSIVE membership card! Make sure to add your photo to it when you show it off (especially on social media)! Be sure NOT to share Member’s Only secrets to just anyone off the street. This is an exclusive club!

Keep this on you at all times when you are at the club! Or beware the consequences....

Click here to download your membership card!

Learn More About our Unique and Exciting Activities

The Yacht Club Games Yacht Club serves its very active member’s needs by providing exceptional club programs and facilities that have earned the respect of many high-ranking adventurers and boat connoisseurs alike!

Pocket Dungeon: Puzzle Dining 

The Pocket Dungeon Puzzle Dining room has a reputation for a conundrum of bountiful feasts, endless continuous courses, and a delightfully puzzling aquatic atmosphere! If you solve all the mysteries of the dining room, you’ll get to dig into actual food. Maybe.

Cyber Shadow: Master’s Dojo Fitness Center

Located on the lower level of the Yacht Club Games Yacht Club is our fitness facility, Master’s Dojo Fitness Center. It offers top-tier ninja platforming action classes that are taught by Mekacity’s top talent, Shadow! Workouts include slashing, dashing, and leaping through close quarters. The path to physical fitness awaits.

Shovel Knight Dig: Digging Course

If you are a land-lover, check out our grounded amenities! The Yacht Club Games Yacht Club’s Digging Course is rooted in a rich history of digging tirelessly and endlessly. Grab your trusty shovel and check in with our faculty member, Spore Knight, who will be your guide! Shovel drop your way down an ever-changing chasm of mystery and dirt!

Treasure Trove: Sea Adventure

If you are seeking an adventure of grandeur, look no further than the Treasure Trove: Sea Adventure! You can pick the whole package that consists of 5 activities or join in on a stand-alone adventure! Each trip is hosted by one of our fabulous faculty members!

  • Shore of Hope – Taught by Shovel Knight
  • Marine of Shadows – Taught by Plague Knight
  • Seafoam of Torment  – Taught by Specter Knight
  • King of Waves  – Taught by King Knight
  • Saltwater Showdown  – Taught by your favorite team member

Thank You For Joining!

We hope you enjoy our fabulous Yacht Club that we are pretty sure will stand the test of time! Make sure to check back for other updates on our super cool totally real Yacht Club Games Yacht Club!