Follow this guide to make sure your version of Cyber Shadow is the latest and greatest. If you encounter any issues while playing Cyber Shadow, contact: [email protected]!

Current Versions For All Platforms

Here are the most up-to-date versions of Cyber Shadow! If you do not have these versions, please update!

Nintendo Switch: 1.01

PlayStation 4: 1.01

PlayStation 5: 1.01

Xbox One and Game Pass: 1.01

Steam: 1.03

Humble: 1.02

GOG: 1.02

Update Notes

Below are the update fixes. If you do not see an update for your platform, it is not available at this time. We will announce them here and on our social media pages when we have more updates!

toggle1.03 Hotfix: For Steam
  • Improvement: Apparitor now drops more Essence depending on your Essence level. This should help assist players needing to purchase items at nearby checkpoints to aid your adventure.
  • Improvement: Overall HP/SP rates have been improved.
  • Improvement: Bullets now get destroyed if they pass through Shadow while in i-frames
  • Improvement: Adjustments in difficulty for Rust Fly Elevator in Chapter 2 and Chapter 7 areas
  • Improvement: Added flickering effect for items that expire
  • Improvement: You can now Dash after Airstriking
  • Improvement: Allow parry when in i-frames
  • Fixed: Collecting a health item immediately before falling into a pit will keep you from dying
  • Fixed: Performing a Dash immediately after a no-SP Dash would result in a slow movement speed but a fast Dash animation
  • Fixed: Dying on the same frame as Laserbrain makes the tri-key upgrade unobtainable
  • Fixed: Incorrect syntax for “Press X to Start” in Spanish
  • Fixed: Swag Blade was causing lanterns to get destroyed in the monkey race challenge
  • Fixed: Special items could activate triggers in CyberDrive sequences
  • Fixed: A cosmetic effect where Airstrike would appear to penetrate through a door
  • Fixed: General level design improvements where you could sometimes move outside of the camera boundary
  • Fixed: Apparitor’s name not translated during EXO encounter
  • Fixed: Instances where the player could Dash-slash enemies that just transitioned into solids, allowing Shadow to pass through solids in some rare instances
  • Fixed: Shadow could move out of bounds during the boat sequence after having destroyed the corrupted core
  • Fixed: Orbiter fixes to prevent orbiting orbs from getting stuck at expanded sizes (phew)
  • Fixed: Issue with CRT filter where white values weren’t being clamped correctly

How to Update

Nintendo Switch

If connected to the internet, Switch will normally prompt you to update when you next launch the game. You can also manually check for updates from the Home Menu. Highlight the game you want to update, press + or – to bring up the Options, and then select “Software Update > Via the Internet”.

PlayStation 4 and 5

If you have Automatic Updates enabled, then Cyber Shadow’s update will download…automatically! Otherwise, the system will prompt you to update the next time you launch the game. 

If this doesn’t occur, you can request for an update check by highlighting the game, selecting the “Options”, then selecting “Check for Update”.

You can also follow these instructions from Sony’s site for more info:

Check PlayStation system software and application versions

Set up automatic updates on PS5™ and PS4™ consoles (

Xbox One

If you have “Instant On” mode enabled, then Cyber Shadow’s update will download automatically while the system is in standby. Otherwise, the system will download the newest update the next time you launch the game.


Log in to your account and re-download the latest version of the Cyber Shadow installer. Re-install the game over your previous install location. The latest posted version can be found within the Cyber Shadow’s community.

There are two ways to gain access to an update for Cyber Shadow:

  1. Using the GOG Galaxy interface
  2. Accessing the backup download option from within your account game’s library page. 

GOG Galaxy

Within the GOG Galaxy client, select Cyber Shadow and follow these directions.

GOG Game Library


If automatic updates are enabled, then Cyber Shadow will update in the background while Steam is running. Otherwise, you can choose to update Cyber Shadow the next time you launch the game.

You can check if your updates are enabled by selecting “Properties” after right-click on the game.

And select one of the options below that fits your needs. 

Confirming Your Version!

Want to confirm what version of Cyber Shadow is on your system? Go to the Title Screen, select Options, and check out the bottom-left part of the screen.

How Do I Play With Amiibo?

To play with your Shovel Knight series character amiibo in Cyber Shadow, you’ll need to:

  • Be on a Nintendo Switch system.

Find the amiibo prompt on the SELECT screen. For more, check out our amiibo Manual.

That’s all there is to it!

Enjoy the latest version of Cyber Shadow! If you have any more questions, you can contact us by emailing [email protected]