The Shovel Knight Official Soundtrack is live on Jake Kaufman’s BandCamp website! Weighing in at almost 50 tracks, it’s an enormous and important part of the Shovel Knight experience!! Check it out below:

But that’s not all! Shovel Knight’s musical energy was so immense that a second arranged album has taken form! Behold, Strike The Earth! Shovel Knight arranged:

This album contains a staggering amount of arrangements from amazing guest musicians. We were blown away! There is some seriously great stuff in these takes on Shovel Knight’s track line up.

But wait there’s even more music, with the Plague of Shadows OST. Featuring new tracks from the game, plus 4 very special arranged tracks!

The Specter of Torment OST brings new stage themes into the mix for all of your favorite locales– in addition to the all new somber sounds of Specter Knight’s very own quest!

And now it’s the finale! The King of Cards OST taps into an all new musical style for contemplative Joustus battling, all new kingly locales, and battle anthems fit for Shovel Knight Showdown!

All of these albums are made available under a “Name Your Price” model with no minimum set. Enjoy to your heart’s content!