Historically, cheats were discovered and documented by brave explorers and shared among the community in whispers. Today, we are ecstatic to reveal the complete Cheat Database for every adventure in the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove collection! Whether you’re looking to adjust the challenge or add a little extra spice to your next playthrough, try out these new ways to play!

Click Here to Go to the Official Cheat Database!

Activating Cheats

Cheats are always entered at the game’s start as it’s impossible to alter a game that is already in-progress. If the cheat impacts gameplay, it will disable unlocking Feats for that profile.

When creating a new profile, enter one of the cheats listed above in the Cheat Database as the name.

If a cheat was entered successfully, you’ll see this confirmation prompt.

After you confirm that you’d like to use the cheat, you’ll receive an on screen activation prompt.

After confirming, enter your profile name!

Note: You can only enter a single cheat per profile. However, there are pre-made “Combo Cheats” which can apply the effects of many cheats at once!

Cheat code used: X&BUTT

Cheats & Feats

A majority of cheats have a direct impact on gameplay! A profile using these gameplay altering cheats will be ineligible to unlock Feats. Even in cases where the game is made more difficult.

Even though we are super proud of you for defeating King Knight without getting damaged, you will not recieve that Feat while using the cheat code L&ARSS.

It’s easy to determine whether your cheat applied game file will allow Feats! If you receive this prompt while confirming your cheat, your Feats will be disabled.

Alternatively, you can also reference the Cheat Database before applying your cheat.

Cheat FAQ

toggleHow did all these Shovel Knight cheats come to be?

Shovel Knight’s cheat system was originally devised to be part of the game’s Kickstarter reward tier titled “Give Me The Dirt”. More than 200 backers pledged to the tier and received an envelope filled with high quality dirt as well as some less-tangible “dirt”! To fulfil this requirement, we added a multitude of different gameplay-changing codes. This was intended to be an in-game secret that only they would know!

To our chagrin, most of these hidden cheat codes were uncovered by players shortly after the game’s release! “Butt Mode” in particular seemed to have made quite an impact!

For our later Shovel Knight games, we no longer offered to mail out sparkly dirt, but we still loved putting in cheat codes! Once they were discovered, it was fun to see our social media become flooded with really bizarre screenshots. Palette cheats helped add variety to speed runs and players were able share and discuss their favorites! It also warmed our hearts to receive reports that some cheats allowed players to better understand, practice, and even complete the game! We have continued our tradition of adding more cheats with the release of each game in the Treasure Trove collection, and now have collected in a fine list!

toggleI’ve seen different cheat codes which have the same effect. Are those duplicates?

We wanted each cheat to be a secret! Shovel Knight stores cheats based on a hashed value and not the exact string. This means there are other combinations of letters which can trigger the same cheat. Many of the initial cheats that were discovered and shared online were not released by us! When you check out our Cheat Database, you’ll notice that an overwhelming number of our “proper” cheats feature an ‘&’ within the first few letters!

You can read more about how these cheats were unearthed in Cheating Robin Hood by Sparktail.

toggleWill you be adding more cheats to any of the games in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove?

With the release of the 4.1 update, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is now complete! We do not any have plans to make content additions to the game — including new cheat codes.

toggleWhy are some cheats inconsistent across different games?

It can really vary based on the code! We set aside time near the end of development on each Shovel Knight game to make a “cheat pass”. This involved going through many of the most common cheats to add support or fix issues as well as add entirely new cheats. Sometimes the intricacies or special behavior of one character takes priority over a specific cheat functionality and adding support for it has the risk of introducing new bugs. For instance, Plague Knight’s Alchemy Power meter works differently from Shovel Knight’s magic, which had the side effect of making infinite magic cheats incompatible. We also wanted to make sure we had time to create new cheats, instead of only upkeeping the older ones.

toggleWhy can’t the game mix and match cheats?

Just like any feature, cheats go through a testing and bug fixing process. Even a seemingly simple cheat can create unforeseen issues when combined in an unexpected way. Fully testing endless combinations across multiple games would be a very time consuming process!

toggleWhy are there cheats that do not affect gameplay but are still ineligible for Feats?

The process for flagging these cheats are done manually.  So there is a possibility that we might have missed some!

We are incredibly excited for you to experience each game’s adventure in a new way! Which cheat are you looking forward to using first?