Flashy! Decorative! Useful! You may have heard whispers of such a treasure. A beshoveled knight that shines like gold! Today we’re happy to finally confirm the legends are true! Let’s unveil one more surprise for Shovel Knight amiibo!

Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo

In addition to the original true blue Shovel Knight and the upcoming Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight — you can now upgrade your collection with a Shovel Knight sporting what is objectively the greatest armor in the game: the Ornate Plate! What a magnificent sight!

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Scanning the Gold Edition Shovel Knight amiibo will allow you to access all of the same great modes as the original, ground-breaking, Shovel Knight amiibo.

  • Custom Knight – A crazy fun way to play Shovel of Hope! Level up by collecting gold and unlock new moves, costumes, and more!
  • Co-op challenge stages in Shovel of Hope
  • Baron Set costume for Shovel Knight Showdown
  • Fairy of Shovelry in any Shovel Knight game

This makes it a perfect choice if you always wanted to try out these great additions but were never quite able to track down the original Shovel Knight!

Unlock new abilities on the fly with Custom Knight! The order changes each time, so its a great way to spice up your next run of Shovel of Hope!

Show the full might of Shovelry with Baron Set Shovel Knight in Showdown!


toggleWhen does it come out?

The Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo will release in December! Along with the Treasure Trove amiibo 3-pack, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove physical release, and the giant King of Cards/Showdown update! It’s going to be a big month for Shovel Knight!

toggleCan I scan the Gold Edition amiibo through the box, like the original Shovel Knight amiibo?

No, due to requirements in packaging it is not possible to scan the amiibo contained within the Shovel Knight Gold Edition without first removing it from its container.

toggleWill the Treasure Trove amiibo work on Switch? 3DS? Wii U?

Support for the Gold amiibo will be added to Wii U, 3DS, and Switch versions of Shovel Knight with the arrival of King of Cards and Showdown in December.

toggleDo I need the amiibo to play co-op in Shovel of Hope?

No, co-op is available from the start on all console and PC versions of the game. No amiibo necessary. We recommend trying out a double Custom Knight co-op run if you ever get the chance!

toggleWill you ever "reprint" the original Shovel Knight amiibo?

Since it has the same in-game features, you can effectively consider this Gold Edition as a kind of reprint of the original!

toggleIs this a limited item?

This is not an intentionally limited item. We hope everyone who is interested can find it!

toggleIs this a US exclusive?

No. We expect it to have similar availability as the original Shovel Knight amiibo. More store listings will come online soon!

toggleWill it be available at an online or retail store near me?

We’d recommend contacting your nearby store to ask them!

toggleIs it really made of gold?!

Much like King Knight’s crown, Shovel Knight Gold Edition amiibo is not made of gold.

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