Did you jump into the Shovel Knight saga with the standalone Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment on Switch, Steam, Humble Store, or GOG? Have you long wished to take on all of the adventures found within Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove? Looking to get a friend into the series? We have a deal for you!

UPDATE: December, 2019: With the addition of two new games to the collection, Shovel Knight Showdown and King of Cards, the price of Treasure Trove has increased. Due to this change in price, the promotion below has changed to match.

We worked with Nintendo, Steam, Humble, and GOG to give owners of standalone Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment a roughly 25% discount on Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove! Essentially this discount roughly covers the full price of Specter of Torment — it’s like you already bought a part of the Treasure Trove!

Receive a 25% discount on Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove if you have previously purchased standalone Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment! Available on the following platforms only:

  • Switch – Discount is applied automatically when viewing Treasure Trove on the eShop and is available automatically for new sales of Specter of Torment. Discount percentage may vary slightly based on region.
  • GOG – Discount is applied automatically when viewing Treasure Trove on GOG and is available automatically for new sales of Specter of Torment.
  • Humble – Owners of Specter of Torment will receive a coupon for Treasure Trove today. New purchases of Specter of Torment will automatically receive a coupon.
  • Steam – Owners of Specter of Torment will receive a coupon for Treasure Trove in their Steam inventory today. This coupon expires on April 5th. New purchases of Specter of Torment will automatically receive a coupon until April 5th. We will distribute more coupons again in the future.

Shovel of Hope and King of Cards also have a similar discount at release!

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Switch, SteamGOGHumble

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Switch, SteamGOGHumble


toggleWhat is the point of the standalone releases?

We want to keep our promise of releasing free content for all players. We also want to continue building these campaigns and features to be the best! Somewhere along the way, the game has simply gotten too big! It’s difficult for many players out there to find everything or even know that these campaigns exist. We believe that providing standalone versions will provide better entry points for different types of players and allow more people to continue enjoying each adventure on their next favorite platform.

toggleWhy isn’t the discount available on PS4/Xbox One?

Unfortunately these storefronts do not have the features available to provide this discount. If an opportunity comes up to offer this discount in the future on additional storefronts we will look into it!

toggleHow often will Steam coupons be distributed?

We do not have a set time frame, but we’ll try to find a good balance between making sure the discount is available routinely while not swamping everyone with non-stop coupons.

toggleWhere are the other standalone games?

Ack! We’re still set on releasing these, but we’ve been laser focused on creating King of Cards! Our next goal is to release Shovel of Hope, the original true-blue Shovel Knight experience, as a standalone game.

toggleI already purchased Specter of Torment and Treasure Trove. Can I get a refund?

We do not have a way to apply a discount to past purchases on any storefront. We’re sorry about that!

toggleI have not purchased any Shovel Knight game. Did I miss my chance for this promotion?

Not at all! You can purchase Specter of Torment on the Switch eShop, Humble, or GOG today! Next week! Next month! If you enjoy Specter Knight’s adventure, you can then get Treasure Trove at a discount whenever you’re ready.

On Steam, you have until April 5th to automatically receive a coupon. After that you will need to wait until the next coupon round.

toggleIs it ok to start the series at Specter of Torment?

Sure! Specter of Torment is a prequel adventure set before the events of the original Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope. It features an all new play style, story, and stages and is a fine starting point if you’re looking to try the series out!

toggleWill my progress in Specter of Torment carry over to Treasure Trove?

Unfortunately, these really are entirely standalone games! Progress made in Specter of Torment cannot be brought over into Treasure Trove and vice versa. Although you could always summon your past experience on a rainy day and knock out multiple Feats all in one run!

toggleCan I buy all of the standalone games individually?

At this time only Specter of Torment is available standalone. However, the best bang for your buck for playing all Shovel Knight content is by picking up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

toggleWhat is included in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove?

So many games! From the original Shovel of Hope to the upcoming King of Cards. Click here for more info.

King of Cards at PAX East!

We know everyone is really excited for more news on King Knight and Battle Mode and amiibo! We’re not quite ready to show our hand, but we will have a booth at PAX East, April 5th – 8th, with a brand new King of Cards Demo! Stop on by to try it out and be sure to let us know what you think. We’re all fired up and ready to roll out the red carpet on the show floor!