Take control of your ninja-action adventure with an awesome controller! We acknowledge there is an endless sea of controllers, so we are here to help! Check out our handy list of compatible controllers! 

Before we leap into things, check out our notes about Cyber Shadow’s controller setup!

Button Mapping

No matter what platform you play Cyber Shadow on, you are able to customize your controller to fit your play style! You can set multiple buttons to the same action and change any action button you’d like!


We acknowledge the controller market is vast and full of terrible controllers – so hopefully we can lead you in the right direction! Many of our favorites are controllers from 1st parties like Sony and Microsoft, but we do fancy some 3rd-party options! In short, we recommend any controller with a responsive and clicky d-pad!

toggleWhile Playing On Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Joy-Con
toggleWhile Playing On PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 5 Controller
  • PlayStation 4 Dual Shock Controller
toggleWhile Playing On Your Computer
  • Xbox 360 Controller
  • Xbox One Controller
  • PlayStation 4 Controller
  • PlayStation 3 (Dual Shock 3) Controller
  • 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Controller
  • Logitech F310 Gamepad


toggleWhile Playing On Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Did you see your favorite controller on this list? Is there one you would recommend? Please let us know!