We absolutely love what you content creators are doing out there! Here is some info to help answer any questions regarding content creation that is using our intellectual property:

toggleCan I live stream and publish content using game footage?

You are permitted to stream and upload any free or ad-supported content from games made by Yacht Club Games.

toggleCan I create and upload videos using game footage?

You’re welcome to create videos using game footage and even monetize them if you want! This includes videos in the style of Let’s Plays, Speed Runs, Reviews, Tutorials, Countdowns, Commentary, Walkthroughs etc.

toggleCan I use the Shovel Knight soundtrack in my video or stream?

You are more than welcome to use it! We do ask that you give credit to the composer, Jake Kaufman, and put a link to his Bandcamp page in the description. Here is the link: https://virt.bandcamp.com

toggleCan I use the Shovel Knight logo and pixel art in my video thumbnail, stream preview, or stream notifications?

 You are free to use them.

toggleCan I use Shovel Knight artwork in my school project?

You are more than welcome to! We hope you get an A+!

If you have any additional questions regarding this topic or our policies, please contact us at [email protected]

Please note that we reserve the right to remove racist, sexist, homophobic, or offensive content, which uses our intellectual property, for any reason and on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to update this policy without notice or liability.